Getting Ready for Sunday 11.19.2017

Getting Ready for Sunday 11.19.2017

2 Corinthians 9:6-15     

Everything starts not with love But with freedom.

Our new life in Christ brings us freedom:

to love, to give, and to seek the whole world’s well-being.

Let us embrace this freedom. Let us feel it through and through.

Let this freedom send us out To love, and to give

of our time, talent, and treasure. Let the Spirit breathe a message into us and into all the church.


Luke 17:11-19

Which comes first? Your gratitude toward God,

or your faith in God? That’s a trick question.

Because your faith and your gratitude are closely bound together,

and go round and round and open your life.

Let us open our lives to gratitude for and faith in God;

Let us open our ears to what the Spirit is saying to the church.