Getting Ready for Sunday, 10.23.16

Getting Ready for Sunday, 10.23.16

Psalm 65

Joel 2:23-32

“Repenting in the Face of Plague”

(‘intimate communion’ at a Table open to all will be served immediately after worship)

When things are going wrong, particularly when it feels like the whole world is coming down around us, or on our heads, it’s easy to go into victim mode. To wonder, “why is all this happening to me?”

But, maybe, that’s the wrong question. Perhaps that let’s us off the hook too easily. Could we have more to do with some of what is going wrong in our world today? Could we, dare I say, share some culpability? If so, how might our response be better than the “woe is me” victim we might want to make ourselves out to be?

Let’s consider this together on Sunday.