Getting Ready for Sunday, 11.06.16

Daniel 7: 1-3, 15-18

Ephesians 1: 11-23

“Anonymous Saints”
Communion at a Table open to all who want to join in the meal Jesus for us

Sometimes we let ourselves be chastened before the pantheon of “Big Saints” — Mother Theresa, Martin King, Ghandi… But that’s not really our faith’s vision. We should give thanks for the amazing witness of some people and how their lives changed the world. But we should not let that take from us the calling to be saints in our, well, more everyday lives. How are you a saint? Maybe you don’t know. But I bet there is someone who has recognized your sainthood and often gives thanks for the way you have made a difference in their lives. Join us on Sunday. Give thanks for the saints in your life, and maybe recognize how you might have been a saint for someone else…