Getting Ready for Sunday, 11.08.15

Getting Ready for Sunday, 11.08.15

1 Kings 17:8-16
Mark 12:38-44
“Live Like You Are Dying”
Ms. April Smith, guest preacher

‘God is in the detail’ is a phrase often attributed to Mies van der Rohe. But some people believe its much older than him.

It means that attention paid to small things pays a big reward. Or that the small things and the “little people” are much more important than their size, stature or status might suggest.

In the sense of its meaning, it’s right in line with much of Jesus says in the Gospels — that we are to slow down and pay greater attention that we might notice people, opportunities and blessings that in the world that as we know it would be easier to miss.

As you prepare for worship this Sunday, could you try to recognize:

~ one person you have been overlooking;
~ one opportunity you have not taken advantage of;
~ one blessing you have not given thanks for.

In turning to such little detail, you will be preparing yourself for the message April has to bring to us.