Getting Ready for Sunday 12/03/2017

Getting Ready for Sunday 12/03/2017

Isaiah 64:1-9

“Please Hurry!” cry the people to their God.

Please hurry, God; come show your righteous might and flex your holy muscles in front of everybody on Earth.

Please hurry, God, and save us from our enemies and our sins.  (We have so many of both.)


Mark 13:24-37

At Jesus’ baptism, Mark reports in chapter one, the heavens were torn apart.

At Jesus’ death, in chapter fifteen, the curtain in the temple was torn from top to bottom.

These are tears that cannot be neatly sewn back up.

These are tears that change forever the very fabric of the whole universe.

It may be that a new tear will be made any minute now, so keep awake and pay attention.

Keep awake, pay attention, and listen for what the Spirit is saying to the church.