Getting Ready for Sunday 12.17.2017

Getting Ready for Sunday 12.17.2017

FIRST READING                    1 Samuel 2:1-10

Here’s Hannah, a woman shamed by her society, because she is unable to bear a child.

In Hannah’s world, a child is a crucial blessing, bringing needed well-being to the family into which it is born.

And no amount of love and ministrations offered by her devoted husband can ease an iota of her pain.

Our world does not shame infertility the way Hannah’s world did.

Instead, we shame the highly fertile underemployed.

Same shaming; different target.

How would we hear this song, if it were sung by one of our targets, whose shame God completely lifted from them?

Same lyrics, different singer.

Let us imagine *this* lifting of shame.


SECOND READING                Luke 1:46-55     

After bearing a child, a woman’s body rarely, if ever, returns to its original shape and rhythms.

After receiving a child, its family likewise permanently changes shape and rhythms.

Imagine how many more shapes and rhythms will change, all over the world, when that child is Jesus!

Let our souls magnify these changes;