Getting Ready for Sunday, Nov. 20

Jeremiah 23: 1-6

Colossians 1: 11-20

What Does “Sovereign” Mean to You?

There will be ‘Intimate Communion’ this Sunday for those who wish to stay.

Can we talk about Christ the King or the Reign of Christ Sunday in a pluralistic age? I came from congregations where it wasn’t a big day we marked all that much. But, I think, Julie liked some of the hymns, so during her years as our Music Director, I tried to pay it some heed.

Still, it’s always sounded a bit triumphalist.

Oh me… somehow anachronistic in a postmodern age of seekers, multiple faiths and the self-described “spiritual, but not religious” folk. I can certainly say that Christ is to be the Sovereign in my life. but is this church holy day claiming more?


Still maybe there’s something in this claim that God in Christ has the whole world in some awfully Divine hands.  I mean, in this year, when much seems to have gone horribly wrong and the future is even more foreboding and many of us are feeling so jittery or hurt; depressed or hopeless, could we find some solace that — no matter how unconfident we’re feeling about what’s happening in Washington — there is a greater reality that holds us firm and can provide some assurance?

Come to church, and let’s see…

Join Us on Sat., 11.26 @ 7 pm for the Greening of the Sanctuary

It always sneaks up on us a little bit — how Advent arrives too quickly on the heals of Thanksgiving. But this year, it feels even more so. Maybe our attention was so wrapped up in the election and President-elect. Or could it be that here in November, we’re still enjoying October weather.

But a week from Sunday, we enter a new Church Year with the first Sunday of Advent. And in the traditions of our church, we do a bit of decorating to mark the occasion.

We can’t have the Poinsettias so early. But the evergreens live up to their name!

Join us Saturday evening, Nov. 26 at 7 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Sarah S. is heading up this decking of the halls for us again. And it will be part of the Confirmation Class’s overnight at church. But we can use extra hands. The wreaths need to be hung. Lots of wreaths. The candles placed in the window sills. The Christmas trees go up. And we’ve got to get the lights working — and they never work so easily. The Chrismons need to be hung.

It takes an hour and a half or so, but it sort of makes the change from one church year to the next, from ordinary time to Advent easier to take in. Hopefully, we’ll have a full crew of church-helpers.  Can you be one of them?