Getting Ready for this Sunday, 07.26.15

Getting Ready for this Sunday, 07.26.15

Exodus 16:13-21
John 6:1-15
“Trust the Day”

Somewhere within each of us there is at least somewhere a part that is a worrier, or a plan-a-header; a saver or supply counter.

Or maybe some of us are a bit less anxious, but more advantage-taking: so in those, there’s a bit of a schemer, an instinctive retailer, a concierge of the caravan.

Either way, it makes sense in a way… because events and accomplishments and destinations usually take planning.

But perhaps what really matters in life can’t be set up or chased or accumulated for, not even with some sort of cosmic karma. Instead, real living, life itself just happens. Or it’s a gift. And our faith coaxes and coaches and challenges us to try and live that way.