Getting Ready for This Sunday, 10.02.16

Getting Ready for This Sunday, 10.02.16

World Communion Sunday

2 Timothy 1:1-14

Luke 17:5-10

“Nobody Can Earn an Invitation to this Table”
Also Communion will be served at a Table open to all who wish to share the meal Jesus prepares for us (and alongside of Christians around the world, as it’s World Communion Sunday!)

It’s an odd, in-between passage, the Gospel text for this Sunday. But it might just teach us a thing or two about faith. And about where it comes from. Oh, and because it’s World Communion Sunday — when we consciously join with other Christians from around the world at the One Table Jesus prepares for us, we might hear also in our text, or worship, or prayers… that Jesus invites us, lowly and humble, to dine with him at the feast, with the choicest foods.  Do you have the faith you need to accept the invitation and to invite others to share it with us?