Getting Ready for this Sunday, 10.18.15

Getting Ready for this Sunday, 10.18.15

Psalm 148: 1-5, 7-13
Genesis 1:20-25
“Baptizing Cats and Blessing Little Girls”

It’s our Blessing of the Animals service this Sunday. It looks like it will be too cold to worship outside, but just in case the sun warms us up, you might have warm clothes with you.

We will also be having a baptism — Iris K, Mike and Bethany’s daughter (and Ian’s little sister).

What do blessing animals and baptizing babied have in common? That’s what the sermon will be about.

But if you want to get ready for the service and the sermon, why not try and remember some of the most sacred times that you have had with someone else. You won’t need to tell anyone, but it will help you be more present to what’s going to happen on Sunday.