Gifts from Different Places: Clark Puts His Hand In

Gifts from Different Places: Clark Puts His Hand In

I was so impressed with Mike’s presentation of the Capital Campaign at our Annual Meeting, that walking home I contemplated how I could have a hand in… how much could I contribute? I realized that most of my current income is already committed, to important things like dining out, theater, and travel. I reasoned that for three years I could cut back in these areas and make a decent contribution.

But when I got home and actually did the math, the result was rather pitiful and certainly didn’t reflect my passion for the goals of the Capital Campaign. I went to God in prayer and asked Him what to do; how could I give more? God spoke to my heart and told me that I was thinking about this in the wrong way, that I couldn’t possibly make the meaningful contribution I wanted to make out of my income, and that I needed to look at my assets. I rarely think about my assets. They are the financial cushion I was taught that I needed to have. No one ever told me how much I should have, just that more was better.

Some of my assets do have a designated purpose, but there are also my ‘what if” assets. What if I need long term care, what if the sky actually does fall one day? As I reviewed my assets, I came up with an amount that I could happily give that would be more than I could give in any other way. I went back to God in prayer and felt that this was the right thing for me to do.

If you are as blessed as I am and have some ‘what if’ assets, perhaps some appreciated assets, you might feel that some portion of them are there for “such a time as this” when your church is serious about its deferred maintenance, wants to upgrade its facilities for the 21st century, and study the options for expanding our Outreach Ministries.

God bless you in your process and journey of discernment. I hope that you will be led to give whatever amount you can give with a joyful heart.

Clark Dingman