Give Thanks for and Pledge our Prayers & Support to our 2013 Leaders

Give Thanks for and Pledge our Prayers & Support to our 2013 Leaders

In worship on Sunday, April 7, the elected and appointed leaders of our governance system — the Elders, Directors, Standing Leadership Groups and Ministry Team leaders — were recognized, thanked, installed and blessed. The congregation promised its prayers and support as we work together for the good of the church and to accomplish God’s will.

These leaders installed represent only a fraction of the people active and involved as volunteers at Old First. Our governance structures are deliberately decentralized and welcoming, so beyond these elected leaders, many times more people serve. In fact, anyone who wants to be involved is invited to do so.

Before we turned to new and current leaders, we thanked folks who finished their service at the Annual Meeting back in January:

Steve Wilhite and Drew Aldinger who were on the Elders.

Larry Waddell who had served as the leader of the Admin. Standing Leadership Group.

Suzanne Cole who has served as the leader of the Community Life Standing Leadership Group.

Jill Soubel Walsh who had served as the leader of the Outreach Standing Leadership Group.

Wanda Marie who had served as the leader of the Worship Standing Leadership Group.

And Beth Walker who has been our Delegate to the Penn SE Conference and Gerry Woodroffe who has been our Delegate to the Philadelphia Association.

With our thanksgivings said, we turned to pledging our support working with our new and current leaders.

We ordained Larry Waddell as an Elder. The Elders have also elected him to serve as Moderator this year.

We also welcomed Jackie Williams back to active service at an Elder.

We also recognized the Elders establishing a Pastoral Relations Ministry Team to help attend to, support and strengthen the relationship between pastor and congregation.

We celebrated the creation of a new Community Engagement Director to help keep our congregation focused on reaching out to new people and sharing God’s love further.

Install new leaders for the Administration SLG, the Worship SLG Leader, the Community Life SLG and Outreach SLG.

He also recognized our newly-created Assistant Treasurer position.

Please keep all of their leaders and their service in your prayers. And remember that we pledged to work with them.

Elders: Larry Waddell, Moderator; Julius DeAngelus, Beth Davis, Nancy Donohue, Annemarie Kleinhans, Jacqueline Williams.

Treasurer: Adam Sherr
Assistant Treasurer: Laura Spencer
Financial Secretary: Gerry Woodroffe
Endowment Manager: Dan Bigelow

Administration SLG: Jonathan Vogan
Archivist: Nancy Donohue
Christian Ed. SLG: Yajeh Ndimbie
Community Engagement Director: Suzanne Cole
Congregational Life: Megan Grimm
Endowment Manager: Dan Bigelow
Outreach Ministries SLG: Steve Wilhite
Pastoral Relations Ministry Team: Jane Acevedo, Russ Composto, Susan DeAngelus, Dan Rothermel, Greta Stewart
Penn SE Delegates: Richard Forcier, Gerry Woodoffe
Philadelphia Association Delegates: Haeman Hong-Shin, Elizabeth Walker
Power Representatives: Stirling Schwiebert, Mike Wass