GMNO for Friday, April 5 at 8 pm

GMNO is when the gay men from church — often joined by others, particularly young women, but also sometimes other friends — go out together. Over time, they have done a number of different things, but mostly, they gather for a refreshment and then head out to dinner. It’s not particularly “churchy,” except that because it’s church, everyone is invited and welcomed.

Friday night, April 5, will be such an event. Folks will be gathering at Knock at 12th Street and Locust Street at 8 pm. Sometime thereafter, they will go off to dinner. And, rumor has it, Beth D. will not only present, but wants to go dancing.

Old First has increasingly welcomed new people. And people whose interactions with the church are varied. We’ve found that these sorts of off-site, not-so-churchy get-togethers are a great way to help people begin to know each other better (in ways we don’t get to know each other in worship!).

Please feel free to join us…