Update on the 2014 Pledge Campaign

Update on the 2014 Pledge Campaign

We’re now up to 64 families having made their pledges of financial support for Old First and its ministries in 2014. And the total is up to $197,542.

That’s great news. But we expect there are still some families yet to make their pledges, as for the last few years, we’ve had total pledges in the low 70’s. Considering that we have had 18 new members join in the Oct. and again in December, we might even hope that the total number of pledges will grow appreciably. It would be great to have more resources to use in ministry this year coming…

The 2014 budget process is starting on Monday, 12.02, and our Admin. Standing Leadership Group will again be trying to meet all our church’s obligations and fashion a fiscally responsible budget. We don’t need more income than expenses; but we need as much as our expenses.

As we go forward, stay on the look-out for further progress reports. Let’s hope that both numbers keep moving upward!

And if you haven’t yet pledged, please consider prayerfully what you can offer. It’s not what we do on our own, but it’s how much we can do when we put all our gifts together.

The ushers have pledge cards that you can turn in via the offering plate or that you can give directly to Gerry Woodroffe, our Financial Secretary. Or you may make yourpledge online RIGHT HERE.

Thanks for all the enthusiasm, loyalty and support you all show to the work we try to accomplish at Old First, one precious incarnation of Christ’s Church!