Good Outreach News from Old First

Good Outreach News from Old First

The message below has gone out to volunteers in our Outreach programs. Our records include almost 500 such volunteers (though we know the number is higher). We have e-mail addresses from almost 300 of them (and we need to work to be in better touch with them all).

It’s an exciting time for Outreach at Old First:

~ In our Capital Campaign, we’re asking “what more” we can do to serve the needs of the urban poor — particularly the homeless — as well as our volunteers.

~ In our effort to evolve our outreach ministries to make a bigger difference, we are adding a new staff position, Outreach Minister. As well, our onsite Program Assistant this year, comes to us with 2 years of urban outreach experience.
Read about ALL THIS below:


How can our outreach programs change and evolve to have a greater impact on both those we serve and those who serve? We’re asking ourselves, and would like you to join the conversation… Please add your ideas towards our future (either respond to this e-mail or there’s a way to write me directly at the end of the article linked above)!


We are excited to announce that we’re changing the way we staff our outreach work, adding a new position, Outreach Minister. We are pleased to introduce you to John Bergen who joined us at Old First on August 8.

We need to also introduce John Owens who, as onsite Program Assistant, will be involved with our Outreach Ministries.

Please keep these developments and all the people serving and served by our ministry in your prayers. We hope to see you volunteering along side of us soon.

We are thankful to be in ministry with you,


P.S. If you wish to donate in support of our Cupboard, Shelter, Service Camps or Outreach Ministries, please use this link. And know that your gift will be appreciated and well-used.