Greener Church Webinar on Tues, Sept. 12- Would You Like to Attend for OF?

Greener Church Webinar on Tues, Sept. 12- Would You Like to Attend for OF?

One of our newest members, the Rev. Shelly Stackhouse, will be attending the following webinar about opportunities for nonprofits (like church!) to seek funding for projects that make their operations particularly greener. Shelly will be going in her capacity as a staffer at the Partnership for Sacred Places. 

She wondered if anyone else from our congregation might want to join her? 

We have talked aspirationally about becoming greener, but have not made any major improvements in that direction. Perhaps this might be an opportunity for us? If you are interested, please speak to Michael or Shelly. 

On September 12th from 12-1PM, Philadelphia Green Capital Corp (PGCC), Philadelphia Energy Authority, and Green Building United will be hosting a webinar to discuss the  Renew America’s Nonprofits Program. We will share information about how nonprofits can begin planning for energy efficiency improvements at their properties, how prospective nonprofit organizations can prepare for this application (and other federal funding opportunities), and we will share resources, including PGCC’s financing products, that can support your projects. Register here

Renew America’s Nonprofits is a U.S. Department of Energy initiative to fund energy efficiency improvements in the nonprofit sector. Applications from lead organizations were submitted in early August. Once the lead organizations are selected, they will be seeking nonprofits with energy efficiency projects to fund. PEA and PGCC are collaborating as a partner with several national partners on applications to the funding opportunity. Whether our applications are funded, or others, there will be funds available to nonprofits across Pennsylvania. We want to help prepare nonprofits in our region to be ready once the funds start flowing.

We recommend that nonprofits who are considering applying for funds begin planning for their future application. While there are no criteria for selection at this time, we anticipate that applicant projects will (1) need to be well-scoped and have consulted with the appropriate engineers and contractors, (2) have insight into a realistic budget and capital needs for the project, and (3) be administratively ready to accept federal grant dollars.