Greetings and News from Jen and Wayne

Greetings and News from Jen and Wayne

Greetings from Tennessee!

Wayne and I are happy to share with you that things are going well as we finish our transition and settle into “southern” living. We thank God for how he has been working ahead of us and is present with us in all of the details – especially in ways we could not even have imagined.

The boxes are empty, the new furniture has been put together, the pantry is stocked and we have a Tennessee license plate and drivers licenses. We’re officially TN residents!

Beyond anything we planned or expected, God seems to have led us forward into this great adventure. He just needed us to step out and trust. I am already receiving multiple requests to help in a variety of ways and Wayne will be starting his new position as the Director of Field Operations for Appalachian Service Project on Monday, April 6. A new season in many ways!

We’re very grateful for the extra measure of love and grace that has been poured out on us from all of you – well wishes, prayers, packing help and parting gifts. Thank you for your support!

Jen and Wayne (our former super volunteers — whose friends, Sandi, Phillip and Spencer Kuhl prepared and shared Easter dinner with the men at our shelter, and allowed them to visit with Jen and Wayne via video chat)