‘HAND IN’….Summer Events!

‘HAND IN’….Summer Events!

This summer Old First is going to be the place to be on Sunday mornings! YOU will be able to get your ‘hands in’ with special events that will keep you coming back and anticipating what will happen next..

This week (and every week until August 17) after worship, a ‘hand in’ table will give you a chance for you to trace your hand and let us know why do you have a hand in the ministry of this church and how do you hope the capital campaign will make a difference? The following week  during service, you will then be asked to hang you hand on the tree in the sanctuary.   This will be your turn to put your ‘hand in’ (and add it to our tree).

It’s important for EVERYONE to have a ‘hand in’ and this summer you will not want to miss any of the events. Mark your calendars and plan accordingly….all ‘hands in!’

  • June 22- Ice Cream Social (getting our ‘hands’ sticky)-join us after worship to make your own ice cream sundae.
  • June 29- ‘hands in’  TRIVIA Sunday– the person with the most correct answers will win a prize!
  • July 6 (until August 17)-‘hands in’ Parade – plaster castings of ‘hands in’ will be available  for people to create art.  We are taking the concept of the public art event of CowParade and asking for people to use the ‘hands in’ as their canvas.
  • July13- ‘hands in’ Cookie Decorating-this will be a sweet event that you won’t want to miss!
  • July 20-Young Adult Service Community-hand clapping will ensue.
  • July 27-‘hands in’ Scavenger Hunt-watch out the hands will be everywhere.
  • August 3-‘hands in’ Breakfast -no silverware required…..
  • August 10-Sign Language Sunday & Field Trip to The Expressive Hand.
  • August 17-‘hands in’  Stepping Stones-we will make a lasting imprint.
  • August 24-All ‘hands in’ Picnic– a final celebration recognizing our commitment to THE CAMPAIGN at OLD FIRST.

Check our Facebook  page for other  “handy” surprises!

See you this summer!