“hand-in” Trivia Sunday – June 29th

“hand-in” Trivia Sunday – June 29th

This Sunday we are giving yet another chance to get a hand in and win a fabulous prize at our All “hands in” picnic on August 24th.

In your bulletin there will be an insert with ten trivia questions of various facts about the church and it’s current Capital Campaign. Take time and fill out the form and hand it in in the offering plate, or hand it to one of the ushers at the end of service if you need more time to work on it. Everyone is welcome to take a shot and see how much they know. Answers will be revealed next Sunday, July 6th.

If you won’t be in church this Sunday you still have a chance to enter.  You can enter here until Sunday, July.

Those who answer the most questions correctly will be entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes.

Make sure you get your hand in!