Healing Presence Singers at Worship on 08.21.16

Healing Presence Singers at Worship on  08.21.16

This coming Sunday  morning’s special music selections will be shared with us by members of The Healing Presence Singers.

The Healing Presence Singers is a local “comfort choir,” founded by Holly Phares in 2012, whose aim is to provide comforting songs in support of people or organizations who are in need of accompaniment during challenging times.  For example, they are known to us at Old First already, having provided music at both the funerals for Stirling and Peter B.

They also visit nursing homes and hospitals and shut-ins at home.  Wherever music might offer solace, comfort and ministry, the Healing Presence Singers might be able to help.

Presently the group has an active roster of 25 singing souls.  Another way they are already known to us: both Blossom and Marjorie from Old First were singing with them before Holly became our Artist in Residence.

For more info on their ministry, please checkout their website: www.hpsingers.com.

Recognizing their ministry and as a professional courtesy to Holly, Old First has agreed to serve  as the financial conduit for the Healing Presence Singers, holding their money (they do their ministry on a shoestring budget!) and providing them with some financial administrative support.

This Sunday’s special music is dedicated to Jean Drake, who recently passed, whom the Healing Presence Singers were intending to visit and sing to soon.

May her spirit still be surrounded by the loving and healing music we all share in community this coming Sunday morning and at the church she so loved.