Time to Return the Heifer Project Arks!

Time to Return the Heifer Project Arks!

The cascarones have been broken. The eggs have been hunted. Easter has passed. Now it is time to turn in the cardboard arks that were part of our sacrifice and reflection during Lent. All of the donations will be collected and counted over the next few weeks. Once we have a final count, the children will be able to vote on what animals we will donate to the Heifer Project!

We will collect the arks on Sunday April 15 and Sunday April 22. On Sunday April 29, we’ll announce the grand total and will present the children with several options on animals to donate to Heifer. They will then be able to vote by the end of Sunday School and we’ll announce the winning choice.

The children also had a muffin and paper chick sale to benefit the Heifer Project over three Sundays during Lent. The tally so far, just from the muffin/chick sales, is $357.00! They did a great job and seemed to have a lot of fun (I know I did)!

The money raised from selling muffins – $297.00 – will be combined with what the children donated in their arks. The $60.00 raised from the sale of the paper chicks will go directly towards the donation of 3 flocks of chicks to the Heifer Project. Thank you to everyone who helped make this sale a success! We couldn’t have done it without the volunteers who helped the children bake, staff the sale table, and, of course, everyone who purchased muffins or chicks!

Please remember to bring your cardboard arks in to church on Sunday so we can begin the counting!

Jenn Carvin
Christian Education Director