Heifer Project–Sunday School's Lenten Service Project

Heifer Project–Sunday School's Lenten Service Project

During this Lenten season, we’ll once again be working together to raise money towards the Heifer Project. If you’ve not heard of them before, the Heifer Project provides animals and training to families in need to help them become self-reliant.

This past Sunday, we passed out the familiar cardboard boxes depicting Noah’s Ark to all of the children to begin collecting money for Heifer. We also gave each family a “Fill The Ark” calendar that gives daily ways to add change to their Arks.

In addition to the Arks, we’ll be helping the children bake muffins to sell during Fellowship Hour as another way to raise money for the project. The schedule for muffin baking will be announced soon.

New this year, we’ll be selling paper chicks for anyone who would like to help out but doesn’t want to purchase muffins. Paper chicks will be sold for $1 and put up onto the Christian Education bulletin board. For every 20 paper chicks sold, we will be able to purchase 1 flock of chicks through Heifer!

We’ll begin collecting the arks on Easter, then, once we receive and tally up all the donations, we’ll be able to determine what animals we’ll be able “purchase” for Heifer. Last year, Old First raised an amazing $1,049! We would love to meet that amount again this year! Could we maybe even exceed it?

If you haven’t received an ark and would like one, please let me know!

Jenn Carvin
Christian Education Director