The Church School's Lenten Heifer Project

The Church School's Lenten Heifer Project

This Lenten Season will be filled with the scent of baking muffins. Not what you would expect in Church during such a solemn season. However, our intentions are definitely not frivolous.

The Church school classes will be baking and selling muffins during Lent. The proceeds will go toward the Heifer Project.

Ask one of the Church School children to explain how the Heifer Project works. They have already started to learn about children in other parts of the world that do not know the abundance we enjoy. Through the Heifer Project, we help families with very little by purchasing animals for them that will make them more self-sufficeint and also able to pass on something to their neighbor. For instance, if we send some chickens, the family will have eggs and meat for cooking, but also eggs and chickens to share with the family next door.

There are many animals we can purchase, each with its own benefit -– cows, lambs and goats for their milk and meat; rabbits for their fur, meat and the ability to reproduce quickly; bees to pollinate the plants and produce honey. There are yet others that I have forgotten!

Each Church School class will have a Sunday to bake and sell muffins. On your child’s baking day, please send in a box or two of muffin mix (found in the grocery store’s baking aisle). The easiest brand for us to use is in a smaller size box and called “Jiffy” muffins. Any flavor is fine. Other brands are also welcome. I will make sure that we have all of the other needed supplies. The children will need to leave worship a few minutes early to help get ready to sell the muffins in the lower Narthex.

In addition to our muffin sales, our children will be looking for ways to earn extra money to contribute. The children are encouraged to begin thinking about how they can earn this money and, perhaps, start doing so immediately in order to raise more funds towards the purchase of our Heifer Project animals. We are also more than willing for adults join our effort in any ways they want.

On the first Sunday in Lent in worship, children will receive little cardboard collections boxes that look like Noah’s Ark to hold the money they raise for the Heifer Project. On Easter Sunday, they will bring their offerings forward. The Sunday after Easter, we will have tallied the totals and know what the children have available to spend buying animals through the Heifer Project. They will vote to decide what animal(s) that they wish to purchase as gifts for a family in need. Stand by for the results of the vote… and to see the real difference we can make in a family’s life!

Please join our Church School in this admirable effort… by purchasing the children’s delicious muffins, or by coming up with your own way to add to their effort and make your own contribution.

— Annemarie Kleinhans, Christian Education Director