Help Us Extend Holy Week Invitations?

Help Us Extend Holy Week Invitations?

Yes, Old First has been working on increasing our faith community’s visibility in the wider world, opening our doors wider, extending our outreach and deepening our welcome.

But do you know how most people still find their way into the church? Someone invites them. Some one says one on one, “Would you like to join us for worship? I could pick you up?” Each of us can do his or her part to meet the need for the church to become more invitational.

As we enter Holy Week and Easter, take a prayerful minute, and identify folks who might be open to joining us for our Holy Week and Easter celebrations. If you can name people whose lives might be made richer by worshiping with us, summon your courage and contact them:

“Hey, it’s Holy Week. Worship at Old First is eclectic, fun, relaxed and real-life. Maybe you want to join us at one of our services this coming week?”

Family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors, co-workers. If you sense that someone might miss the opportunity to be part of a worshiping congregation at Easter time, let them know they are welcome at Old First on their own terms.

If the personal invitation feels too scary, you could write someone a note… Or if that even feels forward, you can still help us get the word and the schedule out, by sharing our Holy Week Worship Schedule on BF now

On the church’s FB page, you will see the link to “Join us Palm Sunday and Holy Week at Old First.” . If you hit FB’s “share,” it will display on your wall, so your friends can see it. Use the summary caption from the church’s posting, or write you own. Maybe you can even offer to come along with your friends who are interested…

Most important is that, by any means necessary, we reassure people that they can come here… no matter who or where they are coming from! Let’s make sure we let people know about Old First and the God’s promises we have been entrusted with sharing…