Helping to Lighten Michael’s Load

Helping to Lighten Michael’s Load

At the Elders’ meeting on Monday night, we discussed how we might make my load a little lighter during the precautions that COVID has introduced. It has struck me, “How ironic? When I cannot see any of my parishioners and most of our programming is upended, my workload increased significantly? Both trying to figure out how to keep church connected and some extra work actually doing so. Some of it, of course, is that doing church in new ways, for example our worship, is just labor intensive. 

We also recognized and began to think about a backup plan for organizing and leading worship. I will need time off, and well, we know how life is — there’s always the possibility of something unexpected, especially during a pandemic! We recognize that the church needs to be able to worship even when Michael cannot be.

These are continuing conversations. And we will keep you posted. But I want to report out a few first decisions. 

Starting today, the Fear Nots won’t come out Friday through Sunday. We hope they have been helpful and added to our sense of connection to one another and to church. But we decided that on Fridays, the church sends this E-pistle. And on Saturday, I could forward Betty’s Bible intro and scripture for Sunday as a Fear Not. And Sunday, well, we’ve been together for worship and fellowship. All that can serve as our encouragement. I will continue composing and sending Fear Nots Monday through Thursday for the time being. (Who would have thought when I started them in March that I’d be writing them until # what?) Still not sure they will go on, but I will appreciate the 3 day a week break.

Also, the Elders have asked for me to find a guest preacher monthly, so that I don’t have to do all the preaching on top of the the added work of organizing worship online. So I am going to come looking for our usual prospects: the preachers among us, but also the lay folk who have a feel for the pulpit. It will be a great help not to have to get a sermon together after I’ve gotten the order of worship and the slides together with the musical recordings and the people who are going to help worship. 

If you have other suggestions, I am open. While it has been sort of an exhilarating challenge figuring all this out, if we are in for the duration, which might be a stretch, I need to figure out how to pace myself. I thank you for your help.