Home Hospitality for Michael's Former Parishioners?

Michael has heard from his successor at the Church of the Living Hope in East Harlem, the Rev. Chris . A group of leaders — about 10 — will be traveling to Philadelphia the weekend of Nov. 18 and 19. They have some visits planned — to The Simple Way and another collective of churches in North Philly. They are also looking forward to visiting Michael and the church he serves. They will be worshiping with us on Sunday morning, Nov. 19.

Chris has asked if we might be able to offer “home hospitality” (a warm welcome and and comfy beds) for the two nights they are here. Michael believes he can take some good number of the group. But are there others who might open their homes. It might involve picking them up or dropping them off at Old First over the weekend, but they are NYers for whom public transportation isn’t beyond their capacities. Otherwise, I think their pastor has them pretty planned, so I don’t think it will involved too much entertaining. If you might be able to host a person or two, please let Michael know. Living Hopers are good folk, and you will like getting to know them.