Project Home Looking for Help to Oppose Homeless Ordinance

Project Home Looking for Help to Oppose Homeless Ordinance

Today (May 19), Pastor Michael received this email from Will O’Brien, a staff person at Project Home:

Dear friends in the faith community,

As you may know, Councilman DiCicco has introduced a bill in City Council which would amend the Sidewalk Behavior Ordinance and make it easier for police to cite or arrest homeless persons.

We are organizing a campaign to defeat this bill, and we would love to have the support of many of our religious leaders.  We have developed a position paper which reflects our basic stance on the bill.  It is attached, and the text is posted below.  PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOUR ORGANIZATION OR CONGREGATION WILL SIGN ON AS AN ENDORSER OF THIS STATEMENT. We want as many organizations as possible to sign on – service providers, civic groups, faith communities, as well as others.

Please respond to this email with your response.  Respond by this Friday, May 20, if possible, but if it takes longer, that is alright.

We will soon begin collecting petitions and letters to send to the Mayor and Council members.  We will also plan a large presence at the hearing for the bill, once that is scheduled.  So you will be hearing more from us.

Thanks for being part of this important effort.

Project Home’s position paper on this bill was attached to the email.