How Are We Doing? Evaluation Summary

How Are We Doing? Evaluation Summary

We received 53  responses to pastor’s quick evaluation that was included in Worship on Sept. 25.  We left it open a few weeks on-line so that folks who had not been in church could include their opinions.  Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts with us.

There were a wide variety of thoughtful responses, some challenges, and much affirmation of our ministries.

The area of congregation life that received the most responses was Outreach/Social Justice.  26 folks thought we were doing well in that area. One person recommended that we work to clarify our focus in outreach.

We were affirmed by the number of responses, 25,  that said we did well with welcoming folks, inviting them, providing hospitality and building our community.  On the other hand, 5 folks thought we could improve our community building efforts, 3 who felt that we needed to something more to attract new members and 1 thought we should work harder at retaining members.

In the area of Inclusion and Diversity, 9 people said we did that well, no one cited that as an area in need of improvement.

Next in number of affirming comments was congregation members.  Nine responses included something like, “There are good people here.”  Your kindness was a highlight for several people.

Seven people commented on the variety of ministries at Old First. However, 7 people commented on the lack of volunteers who come out to “get stuff done.” They wonder why fewer people are available to serve in our various ministries. Two people thought we didn’t have enough people for hospitality specifically.

Worship/music received 6 positive comments, however, 5 people suggested improvements, including the sound system, and lack of attendance on Sundays.

The rest of the affirming responses included: staff (4), SCOR, (2), Young adults (2), progressive political activities, our physical plant and stewardship.

Other areas that need improvement included: Christian Education (the need for more volunteers, more Bible Study, more adult offerings, the physical plant, financial support for the church, evaluation and more transparency in leadership.