How Are You Called to Serve in the Life of Old First?

How Are You Called to Serve in the Life of Old First?

There are so many facets to church life, so many ways to help and be involved. Every person has something to offer to help support Old First, help it run smoothly, and complete the many small details of the work that must be done each week, month, and year to keep the church going! Are you feeling called to be more involved in Old First?

As you consider this question for yourself and in conversation with others, you are invited to review the attached summary of the opportunities to step into leadership by serving on one of the Standing Leadership Groups or serving in one of the essential supportive roles within the organized body of the church.  

On January 13, 2019 the Discernment Task Group and members of the Leadership Groups will be available during Coffee Hour after worship, to answer your questions and talk with you about serving on a leadership team.


Roles and Responsibilities of Elders, Standing Leadership Groups and other appointed positions according to Old First’s bylaws.  

The Board of Elders shall be invested with the fiduciary and spiritual responsibility for the on-going governance of the church between meetings of the membership.  The Board of Elders shall be composed of five (5) to nine (9) members in addition to the Financial Secretary and the Treasurer and the pastor who shall be ex-officio to the Board of Elders without voting rights.  The Board shall keep a complete and accurate record of its proceedings. All acts and deliberation of the Board are subject to the will of and the revision by the governing body (the congregation). On half of its members shall constitute a quorum.

Worship and Spiritual Life

Responsibilities of this Leadership Group will be, with the Pastor and the music director to:

  1. Plan regular worship and special worship services;
  2. Provide vision, leadership and support to the ministry teams participating in and supporting regular worship;
  3. Provide vision, guidance and support of ministry teams providing Christian education on Sunday mornings;
  4. Encourage and support personal spiritual practices of members;
  5. Encourage and support spiritual practices of member groups.

Outreach Ministries

Responsibilities of this Leadership Group will be, with the assistance of ministerial staff and other staff to:

  1. Discern the mission of the outreach work of the church;
  2. Implement the mission of the outreach work of the church;
  3. Oversee the programs of Outreach Ministries;
  4. Encourage connection of the members of the congregation to the Outreach ministries;
  5. Nurture and support additional ministries consistent with the mission of ongoing Outreach ministries;
  6. Network with other groups providing similar and complimentary ministries

Congregational Life

Responsibilities of this Leadership Group will be, with the pastor and any additional ministerial staff to:

  1. Oversee the congregation’s ministry of service and caring for its members including bu not limited to hospitality, visitation, retreats, other community programs and celebrations, and honoring of member accomplishments;
  2. Provide training for new members in the meaning and significance of the church and of church membership
  3. Nurture and support ministry teams providing opportunities for relationship building among members and associates of the church in ways consistent with the Vision and Mission of the congregation.


Responsibilities of this Leadership Group will be, with the Pastor and other staff to:

  1. Assist the Elders in the development, monitoring and management of the church budget;
  2. Oversee the church property, including buildings, grounds and furnishings;
  3. Work with ministry teams regarding the current and future use of facilities for the ministry and mission of the congregation;
  4. Set personnel policies consistent with the mission and vision of the congregation;
  5. Maintain and update necessary insurance and safety programs and policies;
  6. Set guidelines for use of the church property;
  7. Nurture and support ministry teams providing maintenance, repair and improvement of the church property

Christian Education

The Chairperson of the Christian Education Leadership Group may also serve as Church School Superintendent.  Responsibilities of the Leadership Group will be, with the Pastor to:

  1. Recruit church school teachers;
  2. Nurture, support and maintain communication with the church school teachers;
  3. Recruit leaders of the adult Sunday class taskforce;
  4. Evaluate and select appropriate curriculum for the children’s church school program;
  5. Plan learning opportunities beyond church school.

The Director of Stewardship, who will lead a Stewardship Team selected in conjunction with the Elders and Discernment Team to plan an Annual Stewardship Drive and promote stewardship opportunities throughout the church year.

The Endowment Manager and the Assistant Endowment Manager, to be responsible for oversight of the congregation’s endowment and investments in a manner consistent with the congregation’s investment policy.

The Archivist, who preserves and organizes the material in and collects material for the archives, maintains the archives database, and makes the archives available to church members, to church staff, and as possible, to the public.

The Director of Community Engagement, who leads the congregation’s effort to take Christ’s message of love, acceptance, charity and justice to the community beyond the four walls of the church.  The Director of Community Engagement is responsible for efforts to introduce Old First and its people to broader community and to expand participation in Od First’s programs.

Discernment Task Group to work with the Pastor and the Board of Elders in helping members to discern their call to service in the life and mission of the church and in recommending members to nominate to elected positions and appointed positions.  Appointment to the Task Group shall be for a one-year renewable term without limit to the number of terms served.