Ian and John B to Preach While Michael Is Away (and a whole lot of young people preparing for ministry to pray for)

Michael will be leaving for vacation for a few weeks, visiting friends on Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, then in Maine.

Ian McC. and John B. will be preaching for him on the two Sundays he will be away.

Ian joined Old First last fall. He is an undergraduate Nursing student at Penn. His plans have been to attend Med. School next. But not too long after he was at Old First, he said to Michael one day after worship, “Can I talk to you sometime?” Michael responded, without hesitation, “Because you want to go to seminary?”

Now Ian is considering attending Med. School somewhere where he can get a M.Div. at the same time. And he’s already found a group of Doctors who are also ordained ministers (Michael never knew such a group existed!). Ian attended their national gathering last winter.

He will be preaching about recognizing God in unexpected places — this past summer during his internship in a medical setting. Come out on the 23 to support him in his first time in our pulpit.

John B. (little John) our new Outreach Minister, joins our staff also with a sense of calling. As he explains, he comes from a long line of Mennonite pastors, and assumes that seminary is in his future in the next few years. He is preaching for Michael on the 30th and that will be a good intro. for folks to get to know him better as he begins his work among us, a new job description — less hours but at a better rate of pay than the interns who’d covered these responsibilities in the past.

As an aside, John O. (big John), our onsite Program Assistant, also feels called to ministry, but he doesn’t think he’d consider seminary until he’s about 30.

Ian, John B. and John O. join other young adult Old Firsters who are preparing for ministry. Margaret E. begins this fall at Vanderbilt Divinity School. Katrina F. is beginning at Union Theological Seminary, where she will see Haeman H.-S. who is doing a Master’s in Sacred Theology at Union this year (a STM is a one-year degree after completion of a M.Div., as Haeman did at NY Seminary last Spring).

Let us keep all of them and their movement towards and preparation for leadership in the church and the world in our prayers.