"If You Have Been Meaning to Catch Up, Go Beyond or Do What You Can, PLEASE DO!"

"If You Have Been Meaning to Catch Up, Go Beyond or Do What You Can, PLEASE DO!"

We are now three quarters of the way through our 2013 financial year. Those of you who pledge recently received your third quarter pledge statements from Gerry Woodroffe, our Financial Secretary. We, the Admin SLG, therefore thought it would good time to share where we are with respect to our 2013 budget with the entire congregation.

We are a little bit to the red, specifically, through September 30th, we are seventeen thousand dollars in the red. Now being a little behind at this time of year is not unusual, and it is the expectation of the Admin SLG that our position will improve as we move through the fourth quarter, but being in the red is never where we want to be and so here is the explanation of how we got here.

On the income side we are 9% behind on pledges, which equates to about thirteen thousand dollars, year to date. We also got unlucky with a late-notice cancel for a summer camp and are about four thousand dollars behind budget on that line. Lastly, our homeless shelter income is just under five thousand dollars behind, though efforts are underway to see if we can get some additional support from outside friends of the program to close that gap. These three items explain the bulk of our twenty-five thousand dollar shortfall on the income side. I can’t close without mentioning the good news that our wedding income is three thousand dollars ahead of budget, wonderful for our budget but even more wonderful for weddings themselves.

On the expense side, we are thirty-five hundred dollars below budget in Music as a result of this temporary period when we did not have permanent music staff.

On the property front we are about seventeen hundred dollars above budget, as somewhat more repairs than we had hoped to need were needed. In the medium-term, improvements and the addressing of deferred maintenance as part of the capital campaign are the best way to address this issue.

Other expense lines were lowered than forecast and the total expenses were eight thousand dollars below budget.

The bottom line is that we are seventeen thousand dollars in the red and this is mostly matched by a shortfall in our pledged giving. So if you have been meaning to catch up with your pledge, please do. If your financial circumstances have changed for the richer and the Spirit moves you to go beyond your pledge, please do. And if your financial circumstances have changed for the poorer but you still feel called to give what you can, please do.

Lastly, may the Spirit move you to come to church and enrich us with your presence (and your warmth even lowers the heating bill {smile}).

If you have any questions, please feel free to speak to me or anyone on the Admin SLG.


Jonathan Vogan
Admin Standing Group Leader

P.S. For the number-loving subset of the congregation, please next week’s E-pistle will include a detailed financial report through Sept. 30.