In Gathering to Support those Living with Homelessness

In Gathering to Support those Living with Homelessness

Below is a song that was sung at last Sunday’s Carols for a Cause. The event, which took place at Christ Church, raised money for Old First’s Saturday Breakfast and Clothing Cupboard and Winter Homeless Shelter. Carols for a Cause ultimately raised $8,000 for our Outreach Ministries, which is truly a blessing!!

Remember the Poor


Cold winter is come, with its cold, chilly breath,

And the leaves are all gone from the trees.

All nature is touched by the finger of death, 

And the streams are beginning to freeze.

When the young wanton lads o’er the river slide,

And the flora attends us no more,

When in plenty you sit by a warm fireside

That’s the time to remember the poor.


The cold feathered snow will in plenty descend,

And whiten the prospects around.

The keen cutting wind from the North will attend,

And cover it over the ground.

When the hills and the dales all are candied in white

And the rivers congeal to the shore,

When the bright twinkling stars all proclaim a cold night

That’s the time to remember the poor.


Now the time soon will come when our Savior is born,

All the world will agree with one voice.

All nations will rise to salute the blest morn,

And the whole of the earth shall rejoice.

When death is deprived of its killing sting

And the grave is triumphant no more,

Saints, angels, and men “Hallelujah” will sing,

And the Lord will remember the poor.


Trad. Yorkshire Carol — arr. Peter Christian