In the Homestretch towards Finishing Our Fiscal Year Well

It’s sort of like being the underdog and coming from behind.

We were running a big deficit. Not the biggest we’ve ever run… and in those years we ended up with a budget in the black. But we were sort of sweating, aware of some challenges to our income in the current year.

But God bless generous people! As Jonathan V. has carefully explained in his two last budget summary articles, we’ve seen a great turn around. People are catching up on their pledges. Or new people are giving.  And the deficit is decreasing more than we expected it could have in such a short time.

So… Let’s keep up the good work. With some luck (warm weather to keep fuel costs down and strong crowds for Advent and Christmas, for example) and a lot of prayers, we may well end our fiscal year in the black. There is one more challenge: the last two Sundays of the year are Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Maybe you want to finish early (if you might not be here those two weeks)?

Do what you can. And when we put it together, it’s amazing what can happen. Thank you.