Increase in Food Funding

Increase in Food Funding

Has all of our hard work been paying off?

We have been soliciting any and everyone (we even have a basket out so families picking up their CSA produce might drip off a canned good contribution!), and we’ve had just enough food to help out our homeless and needy neighbors.

There is good news, though!

Philabundance cut our funding earlier this year to $70 for a two-month time period. It has now been increased to $140 for a two-month time period. This amount will stay the same until June 2012 unless something else changes.

Wellspring’s  goal is to keep increasing our food donations and, when we are reviewed later this summer, hopefully our grant allotment will increase again so that we can better serve our growing population.

The Cupboard Ministry Team is devising alternative food collection strategies, both to let others beyond the immediate Old First community know of our food justice work and to give them an opportunity to contribute. But we also need to develop additional sources of food for the hungry.

Don’t forget: this Sunday, July 3rd is the next opportunity for Communion Can-Do! Bring in and carry your canned goods up to the Communion Table with you. Our table is not only open to all: also, God’s generosity flows out into our community from that table.