Installing Zoom to Stay Connected!

You can easily download and use Zoom for conference calls and video chatting, for free.

While church members are communicating and supporting one another from a distance, we hope to use features like Zoom to stay in touch virtually. Zoom can be used for conference calls, video calls, and broadcasting, we hope.

Here are the steps to download.

  1. After Michael or the church office has sent you a Zoom meeting invitation, you can click the link that says “Join Zoom Meeting.”
  2. If you have never used Zoom before, then you will be taken to the Zoom website page, and it should automatically begin to download the Zoom app, like so:
  3. If the download does not automatically start, you can click the option, shown above, that says “download & run Zoom.” That will start the download process. As it downloads, you will see the download at the bottom left side of your computer screen, like so: 
  4. Once the Zoom download file is ready (maybe 1 minute or so), then you can click on the download to open and install it. Just click on the “Zoom_97d…exe” button, on the bottom left of your screen, for it to start installing. As the install starts, you should see this screen: 
  5.   Your computer might prompt you to “allow” Zoom to use your computer. If it does, please say yes to that request. After that, the Zoom app should be installed on your computer. If you have never used Zoom before, then it will ask you to enter your name, and first name should be fine. You should then see something like this screen below:

6. You might also get a question if you want to use the microphone and camera on your computer. You should say yes, if asked.

7. After that, you should be on the meeting and ready to participate! You can share your video so others can see, use your audio, and also chat during the Zoom call. And, now that you’ve downloaded Zoom, all you have to do next time is click the “Join Zoom Meeting” link (where we started at the top) and it will automatically bring you to the Zoom app.

If you have any issues with the download, questions about how it works, concern, or want someone to walk through the download with you, please feel free to call the office, and Kristyn or Michael can help you.  215-922-4566