Intro. to Mindfulness Meditation, Sun., Sept. 29 @ 10 a.m.

Intro. to Mindfulness Meditation, Sun., Sept. 29 @ 10 a.m.

George Hoffmann began his Mindfulness Meditation group in the Sanctuary last Wednesday evening. He was pleased that one person from our community and 5 other “word of mouth” folks attended.

Michael told George that he knows of at least 3 other people from the Old First community who are interested in attending.

But George and Michael wonder if maybe more aren’t curious, but not quite sure? “Will it be an experience that works for someone like me who has never meditated?” “Will I be able to concentrate — or empty my mind of thoughts — that much?”

George is going to offer an introduction this Sunday during the Adult Forum. He will talk about his personal history and practice. And how he is trying to offer the power of meditating to others, especially people who are living with mental illness or emotional disorders. He hopes also to offer an accessible experience of meditation (as much as time and the setting allow).

He welcomes anyone who wishes to learn more or re-experience something one has known in the past.