Introducing Annika and Anna, from Bielefeld…

Introducing Annika and Anna, from Bielefeld…

(Old First will host two young women from Bielefeld from mid-July to mid-August this summer. They will help around church during the week (painting and organizing, and perhaps spending some time each week with one of our mission partners), be part of our community on Sunday mornings and live on the 3rd floor of the Fox Building.)

My name is Annika Steinleger. I belong to the Old First’s sister congregation in Germany, “Markusgemeinde” in Bielefeld. In 2009 I visited Old First for the first time -– at Easter with my father and that summer with our youth group.

This year I am looking forward to the chance to visit again and work as a volunteer at your church with my cousin Anna (who also introduces herself below) for 4 weeks, mid July to mid August. I’m looking forward to meeting you all again.

For those I haven’t met… I’m 19 years old. I finished my secondary school this spring and will start my apprenticeship as an industrial business management assistant in September.

I love to play soccer and love to watch matches of our local soccer team “Arminia Bielefeld” in the stadium. Otherwise I listen to music a lot and like to be outside especially with friends.

My name is Anna Splinter. I’m 24 years old, and I’m studying Sociology and British and American Studies at Bielefeld University. After finishing high school I took a year off and worked at a home for elderly people with mental and physical disabilities.

I’m into music, film and literature and love to go to concerts of my favorite bands, to the movies and to the theater. I like being outdoors, riding my bike or going for a walk.

I’ve never been to the US before but always wanted to go. Now that I’m actually going, I’m glad that I’m not just going as a tourist but that I will be doing something useful. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and being part of your community.