Introducing the Johnson Family

Introducing the Johnson Family

Dear Church Family,

Greg Johnson has worked for my family, painting and helping around the house for years. He’s become our friends. I was heartbroken to hear a couple of weeks ago that his family had suffered a bad fire that had destroyed their apartment and left them without most of their belongings. They were in a tough, tight situation. The Red Cross helps at first, but what was going to happen to them then?

I remembered that Michael had moved and the parsonage was empty for now. I didn’t know if it would be possible, but maybe that space could be temporary shelter for Greg, his wife Kim, and two sons, Greg Jr. and Chris? I talked to Steve, Larry and Michael. They did some checking around, and said the space could be made available to the Johnsons on a limited term basis, as a ministry of the church. Michael was pretty sure they could pull together the basics: table and chairs, beds and bedding, towels and a basic outfitting of the kitchen.

The Johnsons have been at the church since last Sunday evening. And report that they feel so welcomed and safe, even at home, after all that has happened to them. Mindy says Greg Sr. has already been a great help around the church, doing many of the odd jobs that get left undone when there’s no one to do them. He has offered to volunteer whenever he doesn’t have a job.

Kim and Greg Jr. both have long commutes during off hours on public transportation back to the Washingtonville, NJ area where they work, but they are getting used to the routine.

They’re all busy, trying to get on with their lives, but If you see my friends the Johnsons around Old First, please welcome them. They’re good people, and I think that their short sojourn among us will be a blessing. I know it’s a blessing for them.

Thanks for being the church that I love so much,

Greta Stewart

Michael’s P.S.:
To be a help in their time of need and to extend our welcome in a personal way, if anyone would like to make food and drop it off at the church, the staff can make sure that the Johnsons get it.