Invitation to Do Great Things: the Campaign for Old First

Invitation to Do Great Things: the Campaign for Old First

Good Morning! The Campaign for Old First: Extending our WELCOME; Strengthening our SERVICE

First of all, I want to say that we officially launch the Capital Campaign for Old First today. And, secondly, I want to say that I’m really excited!

There’s been much work done since the annual meeting in January where we voted to undertake the Campaign for Old First.

~ A video has been made which makes the case for the ministries of Old First and explains the campaign goals. If you haven’t seen the video, it will be playing downstairs after worship. It’s on the website now, and copies of the DVD are available in the office as well.

~ The Request for Proposals to architectural firms is completed, and our goal is that by the 1st of the year we will have an architect chosen to help us figure out all of the work to be done on this historic property.

~ We have also begun to sketch out a process for addressing the needs, resources, and the many possibilities for developing our service to the urban poor.

~ Over the summer, six leaders from this church made visits to Old First families, approaching people for lead gifts for the Campaign. Recall that the goal is to raise $600,000 to extend our welcome and strengthen our service.

LOUIS! (at which point, Louis played a loud “trumpet salute” on the organ).

I’m excited… thrilled… and truly it’s “good news of great joy:” our lead givers have already committed gifts of more than $425,000 to the campaign!


I will admit when got started and even after the feasibility study there were some who said. “Are you sure?” Folks, I’m here to tell you that I’m so sure, that I can see the day that the $600,000 goal will be surpassed. What’s important to me is that the commitment we making now will allow us to move the ministry of Old First ahead for God’s future.

Our lead givers have shown that we can. Now it’s time for us to make our commitments. We have until December 31, 2017 to complete our commitments and make our gifts to the Campaign for Old First.

Simply, the more money we raise, the more we will be able to accomplish.

I want to ask you this morning, each one of you, could you spend the next 5 weeks, until October 26th, with an important question: asking yourself and asking God how much you can commit.

In Margaret Rohdy’s testimony, she said that she’s going to spend less and save less, so that she can give more. What I would suggest to you this morning is along the line of a miracle, much like Jesus with the loaves and the fish. Each of us is in a completely different place or situation, but if we all give what we can generously, there’s a miracle in how it begins to add up to what we can do together.

If we’re creative, imagine how much we can accomplish. One of the givers has even committed a portion of a future real estate sale. Another has added Old First to his will. Someone else is approaching family friends to ask if they might want to make a commitment. There are many ways to make commitments to the Campaign for Old First.

Reflect with me a second. Think about the difference Old First has helped to make in your life. Consider how much of a difference Old First could make in the lives of others and the world. Then prayerfully ask how much you might be able to commit as a gift to the Campaign for Old First.

You will receive a letter this week along with the brochure and a commitment card. We ask you to return the commitment card to church by October 26th. On Sunday, November 16th, we’ll announce and celebrate the results.

Old First means a great deal to me, as I mentioned in my testimony this summer. I believe in Old First and want to invest my time and talent along with the treasure, my monetary commitment here.

Please consider, if we all — regardless of the size of the gift — make a commitment to the Campaign for Old First, together we can accomplish much. I am inviting you to join me and others in giving generously to the Campaign for Old First, for the difference it will make for the many people we serve and even for more people we serve in the future.

You and I can make a difference!

— Mike W.