Invitation to Reflect On and Explore Old First’s Growth with Rev. Cean James

Invitation to Reflect On and Explore Old First’s Growth with Rev. Cean James

The Community Life SLG invites you to a time on Sunday, November 18, to gather with Old First leaders and community members to reflect on the life of Old First and to explore ways we can grow personally and corporately.

Rev. Cean James, Associate Conference Minister of the PA Southeast Conference, will lead us through this time of reflection and exploration using the Natural Church Development process. Natural Church Development is a biblical and empirical research project into the principles of healthy church growth. Its approach is to look at which essentials of church life currently come most naturally to our church, and which do not. It aims to put a stop to the toiling and spinning that so often pervades church life and replace it with unforced healthy growth; to lighten and simplify our ministry workload by showing us exactly where our time, treasure, and talent would be best spent right now for the most fruitfulness.

Rev. James will spend two hours with us after worship on Nov 18. Beforehand, the leaders of Old First will have provided Rev. James insights into our community that will be the basis from which Rev. James will develop his remarks.

The Community Life SLG will provide a light lunch of sandwiches and salad.

All are welcome. If you have any questions, please talk with a member of the Community Life SLG: Peter Buxton, Mimi Copp Johnson, John Owens, or Jackie Williams.