Inviting Groups at Church to Help Out with the Voter Canvassing

We’re doing incredibly well with our calls. We’ve already gotten through two rounds of 1200 attempts. We’ve talked with people who answer. We’ve left messages for those with answering machines. We’ve updated the call lists when there is a wrong number.

And we are moving towards the 200 voters we aiming for. 200 unlikely voters who have been informed about the differences that upcoming elections can make for low-wage earning Philadelphians and for students in our public schools. 200 we are working to turn out on election day as jobs and education voters.

But we need more help. There are more calls to be made (more people to be reached). And there are door to door canvassing days coming up. And there will be a real push in the last 3 days– trying to reconnect with everyone we have spoken to– one last reminder to get out to vote.

So meeting this week, Hannah, Clark, Mike W. and Michael decided trying to encourage groups in the church to help out together. Arbitrarily, they are inviting groups to take a Sunday after church. Bring brown bags. Or quick grab a bite. And then each trying to make 75 calls.

It will make a difference. Both in who we talk with. And in how we all get involved in this important effort.

The first two groups were invited this week. Look for your invite in the weeks to come.

And of course, if you can’t help out on the date you are invited, you are welcome any time…

Hannah C.
Clark D.
Mike W.
Michael C.