Is There a Lenten Discipline for You? (Ash Wednesday is March 5)

Is There a Lenten Discipline for You? (Ash Wednesday is March 5)

Lent began as the period of preparation before Easter for people wanting to be baptized. Their own 40 days in the wilderness.

As more and more people were already baptized Christians, it has also become a season to break with our routines that we might be some new perspective, even a new start on the way to experiencing Easter.

Some people give something up as a penance. Others take some extra service on. There is not one right way to observe Lent. Ask yourself: “What could I do for 40 days (from March 5 until April 19, minus the Sundays) that would deepen my faith and ground my walk as a Christian?”

To help — either to give you ideas or to some structure and companions on your Lenten journey — Old First is offering 4 options this year:

1) Lenten devotional worship, Thurs. 7-7:25 pm, March 13-April 10

2) Lenten Sunday Suppers Everyone is challenged to Attend One Meal

3) Lenten Awakenings (orientation on Sat., Mar. 1)

4) Canvassing (phone & door) for upcoming elections– to make education a primary issue and to garner  support for make sure tax payer moneys does not go towards poverty wages.  (see the article on POWER’s Voter Engagement; specifics of Old First’s involvement will be available next week.)

Perhaps one of these could help you on your way? Or you might think of something else? Or gather a group of people to work together on something else.  Anything that might help us on the way to Easter!