It Is Organ Sunday! 8.19.2018

It Is Organ Sunday! 8.19.2018

Organ Music for August 19, 2018

By Beth Manus

Dear Friends,

Since I’ll be coming to play organ at Old First on Aug. 19th, I thought I’d share what I hope you’ll find interesting facts about one of the composers whose music I’ll be playing: Felix Alexandre Guilmant (1837-1911).

Guilmant was a brilliant French organist and composer, considered one of the greatest organists of his generation. His early training on organ came from his Father, a church organist.  As the young Guilamnt’s organ playing developed, he became organist at several churches throughout France. In 1868, Guilmant was one of the organists to play at the inauguration concert of the new organ in the Cathedrale of Notre –Dame in Paris. As a concert organist, Guilmant gave many recitals in Europe and the United States.

Guilmant was also a well-respected organ teacher and composer. The “Prayer” that I’ll be playing as a Prelude, is a simple, reflective piece designed to prepare the listener for worship.  It’s among many pieces of  church service music that Guilmant composed specifically for this purpose. I hope you find the “Prayer” meaningful to you.

All Best, Beth Manus