It's Not About the Sacrifice, but There Will Be Sacrifice Involved–Old First E-pistle 08.08.13

It's Not About the Sacrifice, but There Will Be Sacrifice Involved–Old First E-pistle 08.08.13

At the UCC General Synod there were two resolutions (ON MAKING UCC CHURCH BUILDINGS MORE CARBON NEUTRAL & URGING DIVESTMENT-ALONG WITH OTHER STRATEGIES-FROM FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES TO ADDRESS CLIMATE CHANGE) passed calling the whole church, including all investment groups, to take meaningful steps to step away from our dependency on fossil fuels in an effort to advocate for preventing the clear risks that we are facing with climate change.

The Resolutions were prepared in a cooperative way by people from competing interests and concerns. One thing is very clear about what is called for and that is that we, as followers of Christ, need to make some lifestyle changes of our own as part of our advocacy to stop the increasing damage to the planet caused by our use of fossil fuels.

This got me thinking about what such a change would mean for me and for those I live in community with and the reality that such change involves sacrifice of things that we have come to love and assume are a part of ourlifestyle without question. While I have not raised children myself, I am certain that anyone who has knows that as parents, sacrifice is one of those things that comes with loving and wanting the best for your children.

For those we love, our lifestyle changes drastically.

So, as lovers of this planet earth, for lovers of our children and our children’s children and for all of God’s creation, we need as individuals, families and communities find out what we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and do it. We are also called to advocate in all the communities, formal and informal, in which we are involved to do the same.

Talking about such a change is not a popular thing. It is very counter culture. We live in a world where we get what we can talk to whoever we want to instantly on our computers or cell phones. We can eat what we want instantly through the microwave or the fast food restaurants. We can get to where we want to go in the quickest way possible by car or plane. Through all forms of advertisement, we are encouraged to live this lifestyle, to buy on credit and to consume as a way of life.

Christ has shown us through his own ultimate sacrifice that there is another way. His sacrifice came as he held onto a vision of eternal life while those around him were obsessed with immediate security and power.

Christ teaches that sacrifice is not the goal, but it is what occurs when you make a conscious decision to seek something beyond the immediate.

What I am trying to say is that as we make the changes we commit to making, and as we feel the pinch, discomfort, pain, loss of that which we know…let us keep our eye on the prize of what great benefit will come from it…with God’s grace, a world for our children’s children’s children to live in.

Watch the video that discusses this important message.

Beth Walker