Jesus the Forgiving Victim Resumes

Jesus the Forgiving Victim Resumes

Sept. 10 & 17 at 10:00 am (before worship)

This anthropological/theological program begins with theologian James
Alison on video, followed by a brief discussion. We will begin the program
in the social hall promptly at 10:00 am and end at 10:50 so that we can get
to worship.

This section of the program focuses on The Difference Jesus Makes.
Here’s a synopsis of the September 10th session. It addresses the
meaning of ‘faith,’ not as something we have or do but rather what God
freely provides for us, if we can relax enough to receive it. “Doubt” is not
the opposite of faith but an essential part of it.

God is not far away but occupies the same world as we do, and from that
position, enables change from within everything that is. Alison views
Jesus on the anthropological level and uses for example the apostolic
witness. His disciples found difficulty in understanding Jesus and in the
end betrayed him. After his resurrection, however, they found their lives
radically changed. Something happened to them – what Jesus taught and
what he did and especially his death and resurrection changed their lives.
God continues to offer change in people and in the world.

Come to the social hall at 10:00 am on the 10th and see what you think.


Barry Evans, facilitator