Jesus the Forgiving Victim – Sun., Nov 13 & 20

We began this course after worship on October 16. After a brief introduction, we watched a video of our teacher James Alison, then discussed what he taught. The first session was called  an “Odd Beginning.” Alison pointed out that most theological lectures lay out a theory for us to learn and then apply to our lives. He said that was not the way most people learn, especially theology. Thus, Alison begins the course with anthropology! At the beginning of each session he likes to ask if you noticed the content, questions or insights from the previous session “showing up in your life.”

This course consists of 31 sessions. If you can attend most of them, they offer the possibility of changing your understanding of the Christian faith in a dramatically positive way. But you can attend any sessions that you can.  Each session has something that will surprise you. The next two sessions are November 13 and 20. Bring a brown bag lunch with you.

Technical Note: At the last session some people had difficulty hearing the video. John O. says that he will try to improve the equipment for the next session. Even under the best circumstances, however, it’s challenging to hear.  Part of it is Alison’s British accent. The other part is the newness of his ideas.

Hope to see you on the 13th,

Barry E., Facilitator