Join 'Faith in PA' folks in Harrisburg on Sat., June 20

Join 'Faith in PA' folks in Harrisburg on Sat., June 20

Is public education going to get $400 million next year, or $0? This past week, the House’s budget proposal had no additional money for our schools. Gov. Wolf’s budget proposal, though far from adequate, at least adds to our state’s support of public schools.

But, even if Gov. Wolf’s budget passes as proposed, is it moral to only come up with 1/3 of the amount that has been estimated to be needed to adequately fund our children’s education… especially when the state continues to offer corporations tax breaks? Harrisburg continues this scarcity narrative — that we just don’t have the money to educate our children. Really? Perhaps, it would be more true to say we cannot afford not to educate our children.

In the last year, the efforts of community organizations like POWER have made the issue of a full and fair funding formula for our public schools a central concern in the public’s attention. Pennsylvania voters were clear in the last gubernatorial election that education was the number one issue. But Harrisburg still isn’t listening.

IT’S TIME FOR A MORAL TAKEOVER! People of faith will fast on the steps of Pennsylvania’s capitol until lawmakers pass a moral budget that includes increased funding for public education.

Join us on June 20 for the largest interfaith mobilization in PA’s history. We begin 10 days of fasting with our own deep spiritual grounding — making our own commitments and sacrifices, blessing the fasters, consecrating the space from which regular citizens from across the state will be leaders undertaking bold public action to impress on our legislators our communities needs and their seriousness.

The day will include a teach-in on the education funding crisis and how ordinary citizens can have a say. And we will gather on the capitol steps to consecrate our effort for the 10 days until June 30 when the budget is due.

Buses will leave from Philly. The event will last from noon until 3. Old Firsters will be asked to attend: we cannot just pray in worship about the schools and not show up in Harrisburg to shout our support for education…

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