Join Us for Reformation Sunday Worship a la the Markusgemeinde (10.27)

Join Us for Reformation Sunday Worship a la the Markusgemeinde (10.27)

After Michael’s stint leading worship and preaching for our sister congregation, the Markusgemeinde, in Bielefeld, Germany this summer, he has spoken about some of his experiences and shared some of his reflections. But he thought it might be interesting, as part of his reporting back, to try a worship service more like our sisters and brothers in Bielefeld worship…

Ok, it can’t be exactly like they worship. It will be in English after all. And they have “a bit of Lutheran” in their bones whereas our worship style is much more within the Reform tradition. Not sure what that all means?

Come to worship this Sunday, Oct. 27, and see. It will be some sort of Old First version of the Markusgemeinde’s Lutheran worship!

Since most of us aren’t going to make it to Bielefeld to worship with the Markusgemeinde, this is a close second best. And, perhaps, stepping out of our own familiar worship style and traditions, we will begin to see and understand worship in new and different ways. That seems like a good Reformation Sunday exercise. Join us.

P.S. Michael invites anyone who wishes to after worship to a discussion of what the different worship order / style was like.

P.P.S. Michael’s sermon, “2 Commitments of Protestantism: Immediate Access to God, Unless You Don’t Think You Need It,” rely on two Scripture texts: Joel 2:23-32 & Luke 18:9-14.