Join Us for the Greening of the Sanctuary, Sat., 11.29 @ 7 p.m.

Join Us for the Greening of the Sanctuary, Sat., 11.29 @ 7 p.m.

It’s an annual sign of a new church year. Thanksgiving behind us, and the first Sunday of Advent is upon us. The Sanctuary even looks different.

To make that happen, we hang the Christmas greens the Saturday night before the first Sunday of Advent. And we put up the Christmas trees. And we set up the Advent wreathe of course too. As our period of waiting on the way to Christmas begins.

This year that will be Saturday night, Nov. 29. We will gather in the Sanctuary about 7 p.m. Sarah Sherr is heading the evening up for us. So if you have any questions or want to let her know you will be helping… If we get enough willing and able hands, it doesn’t take all that long.

And we will have some sort of snack– usually the first Christmas cookies and something to drink.

The kids love to help. And we welcome them. But we need parents to come with them, or it ends up too many kids to wrangle into much helpfulness!

And everyone else is welcome. Whether you do it every year. Or this is you first year (or even first month) at Old First. We will be expecting at least one new face, so Michael will come up with some way for us all to do introductions so we make sure we get to know everyone…