July's Midday Meeting (Wed., 07.09 @ 1 pm) Hits the Road

July's Midday Meeting (Wed., 07.09 @ 1 pm) Hits the Road

Midday Meeting is the fellowship ministry for folks free during the day. It happens on the second Wednesday of every month. It’s a chance to catch up with people or get to know them better. And to spend some time at church other than a Sunday in a more informal, conversational time.

In planning this new fellowship group, we always imagined that it would move around a little. We’ve sort of assumed that 2 out of 3 meetings would happen at church, but then the third, we’d use it to visit someone who doesn’t make it to church very often. In May and June, we were in the Social Hall. This month, next week actually, Midday Meeting will be on the road. We are going to visit The Rev. Bob and Anne Calvert at their home in Ambler.

They will not only welcome us into their home. Bob will present the day’s program.

He’s going to share with us his correspondence with Mildred Barnhill. She was of an old Old First family. Mildred passed away in 2005. But, interestingly, she was baptized in the church building at 10th and Wallace, the second property Old First owned, and then grew up and stayed at Old First in the building that housed us at 50th and Locust, before returning with the church to its original property at 4th and Race.

So, Mildred’s life at Old First spanned all 3 of the properties Old First has occupied. As an added point of interest, when she began her working life, her first employer was John Lucas, the paint manufacturer who owned our current property and building and used it as his paint warehouse for the ?? years we were away from the property.

Bob Calvert used to correspond with Mildred, asking her questions about our church life and history. He will be sharing from that correspondence.

Our basic schedule will be the same, just off-site. People with brown bag lunches may arrive at the Calvert’s in Ambler at 1 p.m. If people wish to come after lunch, they should join us at the Calvert’s at 1:30 p.m. Their address is in the on-line directory or you may get it from the church office. (Michael will also provide it in an e-mail to everyone in the Midday Meeting mailing list.). People may wish to organize carpools, including parking at the church. If needed, the church office can help with this too.

Please join us, and visit Bob and Anne!

(We will take August off, so the next Midday Meeting will be back in the Social Hall at church on Wednesday, Sept. 10 at 1 p.m.)